About us


Hi, I'm Darren,

I have lived in Spain since June 2006, first in Alemendralejo in Extramadura and now here in Chiclana de la Frontera. I worked in the UK as a Computer Programmer in the Insurance field since 1995.

I'm registered as an Autonomo here in Spain, so everything is above board.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Adios.



Hola, soy Alicia,

I was born in Madrid. I've taught English and Spanish, before becoming the "first official" to a Notary, originally in Madrid and then in Almendralejo, where I was also president of an Alzheimer's association. I have a degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, from Instituto Hemingway, acredited by Instituto Cervantes. Now that we are living in Chiclana I hope to be able to help people with typical Spanish integration tasks, as well as offering language lessons.

Hasta luego.


"Remember, We are At Your Service"